Vents and Louvres

Coated Steel Industrial Louvres and Vents

Manufactured from Aluminium-Zinc coated Steel

MW Projects’s range of architectural and industrial louvres and air ventilators are available for a variety of air intake or exhaust applications. All ventilators and Louvres are manufactured from Aluminium-Zinc coated steel, providing corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal

Ridge vents are the most economical vent system available for metal buildings. These vents are mounted to the peak of your roof where all the hot air can escape the building. Vents can be purchased with dampers that can be opened or closed depending on the outside temperature. Ridge vents are available with a 9″ or 12″ wide opening and are 10’long.

MBMI supplies ridge vents with a bird screen to keep them from nesting. Rain and snow will not enter the building due to the unique design of these vents. Typically,one vent per bay is used but these versatile vents can be attached and run continuous to maximum ventilation.


Wall louvres will act as intake vents while the roof vents will act like exhaust vents. Vents can be purchased with fixed or adjustable louvres depending on your application.  Vents are available in all sizes and come standard with either bird or insect screens to keep your building pest free. 

Electric fans can be attached to these vents to provide additional air movement.



  Benefits of Industrial Roof Ventilation Systems:

   Positive extraction removes heat, fumes, steam and dust.
   Improves productivity.
   Improves indoor air quality.
   Water and bird proof.
   Reduces structural damage.
   Protects stored goods.
   Human and environmentally friendly.

Features of Industrial Roof Ventilation Systems:

   Can be colour coated.
   Adjustable pitch up to 45˚.
   Dampers available for winter.
   Silent, clean and effective.
   Patented bearing system.
   No maintenance and operating cost.

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